Are Your Clients Finding the Right Trend for Granite and Marble Slabs in GTA?

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If your clients are thinking of using natural stone in their next design project, help them sift through the current trends. It is essential to finding the right trend for granite and marble slabs for your Toronto clients’ home.

Granite and Marble Bathroom Trends

Whether your clients have just moved in or have lived in their home for years, they may be dealing with a tired, out-of-date bathroom; it’s one of the most common home renovations.
Your clients may be interested in creating a home spa. If so, point them toward a stand-alone tub. Surrounded by granite or marble flooring, the tub helps create the feeling of staying at a luxury spa. The tub can also be raised on a pedestal, with marble or granite steps leading up to it.
A shower with granite floors and walls is another good choice. Let your client know that granite can also be used to create extra shelves for shower necessities or a seat for extra comfort.
Your clients may also be interested in having a fireplace in the bathroom. This hot trend brings romance and relaxation to the forefront. Marble is an excellent choice for a fireplace since it seems to shimmer in firelight. Granite is also a beautiful choice for the fireplace and mantle. Both natural stone slabs exude exclusivity and elegance, which is part of the reason why they’re so popular. They will help your clients increase the value of their home while creating a spa-like retreat that will quickly become their favourite room in the house.

Granite and Marble Kitchen Trends

Granite has always been more popular than marble in the kitchen. You’ve probably recommended that die-hard marble fans restrict its use to accents if they aren’t ready to put in the extra care to keep it looking polished and to protect it from stains. Durable and stain-resistant, most people choose granite for its low maintenance and hard surface.
If your clients are broken-hearted to find out that marble countertops aren’t for most people, show them how granite can do the job. There are many styles of granite that are finely veined or have big, bold marble-like patterns. Your clients may be surprised to discover that they can have the look of marble without the headaches.
Some clients are worried that their marble or granite renovation won’t stand out among so many other similar renovations. Show them that there are ways to be more creative and add some personality to their kitchen using granite and marble slabs. They may not have considered the exciting blues, reds, and greens that are available.
Remind clients that their countertops don’t exist in a vacuum—there are other colours and styles in the room. They need to look at the paint on the walls, appliance colours, cabinets, curtains, blinds, and even the fixtures before selecting a countertop. Black has become trendy in the kitchen but can be overpowering if the kitchen doesn’t get much natural light. Your client may need to replace their lighting to brighten up a dark kitchen.
Help your clients make the best use of granite and marble slabs in their GTA home renovation.